Tuesday, November 4, 2014

vote rant

this is not a good nite for america i gotta rant a little its just amazing how this landside election went just ask yourself 'y ' we all know theres lots of money and there's a 24 hour foux news channel we all know there's the red white and blue but you mean to tell me that's people are upset with the way obama is running the country that they vote against there own best interests what , ok fact #1 wall street is making money people have health care , not the best but it's a start, people can smoke pot in a few places legally ,unemployment is down ,the war"s are coming to an end , women still have a right to abortion ,and women have the right to be paid the same as men , so i don't think that the country is so unhappy i think yall still haven't gotten over the fact that there's a black man at the head there is no other reason that i see and i could go on forever but this really is telling just how white america think