Friday, November 12, 2010

tiny cup

just found out my favorite coffee shop is closing on Sunday and that's a drag but i know how it is when you have a business like that it can take a toll on you
Lisa (the owner) is just like i was with my bar a hands on kinda guy and you need to like that when you believe in what your doing no one can do like you but has time gos on you become overwhelmed with it all and not to mention you have to make payroll for your employee in my case with a bar it was the fear of people behind the bar just giving away your shit and if your not there (when the cats away the mice will play)so i can understand how you go into something and you have a vision but the powers that b wont let it happen . ill miss tiny cup ill miss all the people that would stop by
someone else is taking over but it wont b the same
gotta move

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